Jarred Cannellini Beans 340gr

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White and with an elongated shape, cannellini beans are rich in nutrients, as well as having a delicate and enveloping flavour.

  • Rich in protein
  • Ready to use
  • Delicate and enveloping flavour

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The Valgrì jarred cannellini beans are a balanced, healthy and cholesterol-free food, as well as being tasty and rich in flavour.

Being ready to use they are very practical for quick recipes, also thanks to the tender and velvety consistency.

Our Cannellini Beans are boiled and preserved naturally in brine.

How to use: try our jarred cannellini beans naturally or for incredible salads, broths, creams, pasta dishes or soups.

How to store: Once open store in the refrigerator for max 2-3 days.

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